About a couple of weeks ago, I presented some very basic CQRS and Event Sourcing concepts to the Canary Wharf Dot Net User Group. It was an interesting experience to say the least. About everybody there had heard of CQRS (hmmm), about a quarter knew a bit about how it works (wow) and only one guy there actually uses it (ah well). This confusing spread in the audience made it quite challenging as to which bits to focus on and what to consider “advanced”. [And I actually feel bad for the guy who uses it as he probably got zilch from the session!] With such a spread in the audience, the most effective part of any session turns out to be the Q&A part. And we had a very nice one with numerous questions – some of them turning into discussions. I’ll be blogging a bit about CQRS, Event Sourcing etc. in the coming weeks and will hopefully go into detail about some of the questions. As part of the session, I had a (purposefully) very simple demo using Ncqrs and ASP.NET MVC. It’s not a “best practices” thing but a simple app showing how simple it is to create a CQRS + Event Sourcing application with Ncqrs. (It’s also from an old build of Ncqrs – the current version would probably not work with the code but the changes required would be minimal.

The slides and code can be found here. 

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