Here’s the code from our latest meetup. Here’s what we (almost) built:

  • An async client server platform where clients and servers can be added dynamically.
  • Communication is done over TCP.
  • The platform takes care of intermittent network connectivity (but not long outages).

While James got it running, mine fell at the final hurdle – when trying to finish the final bits in next to no time, I managed to invert the condition of a while loop Smile. Hey, I was building everything from scratch, while explaining zero to a bunch of newcomers, some of them non-.NET – and all in less than 90 minutes. (It’s been fixed in the code). You can find the source code here:

We also discussed about the characteristics of various sockets, how zero works, about topologies, a moderately complex real world example where I’m using it, nuances etc. Slaughtered Lamb afterwards was fun as usual.

We’ll have another one in August (we meet every two months). We *might* start touching on things like fault tolerance (theory and practice). Remember your laptops Smile